My Reading List: September 1 – 5

Look-- we're so weird that we even come with a manual! Phot Courtesy:
Look– we’re so weird that we even come with a manual! Photo Courtesy:
Oh no, someone to talk to and I haven't had my coffee yet....
Oh no, someone to talk to and I haven’t had my coffee yet!

1) I have been an introvert for my entire life. When I am in a huge group, I am happiest when I listen and observe— but people have asked if I’m mad or even why I look like I’m judging when I don’t speak up. Nope, I just like to listen. If I don’t get  at least 45-60 minutes alone to myself after work every day, I go a little nuts— but I don’t like to be lonely. I just need my thinking time, please, and I can’t do that when all my emotional energy is being taken up by talking to you. Making the initial gesture to introduce myself to strangers is both draining and terrifying— but I know who I am, even if I say something stupid. I’d rather be genuine than polite. All of these qualities that define an introvert are also the qualities that Business Insider believes are excellent leadership qualities: the ability to listen, staying focused through solitude, and the ability to maintain self-confidence under pressure. Any introvert would tell you that we feel misjudged all the time– I love making people laugh with a funny story or joke, too much alone time also makes me crazy, and I would rather get to know people. Don’t overlook us quiet ones. Continue reading “My Reading List: September 1 – 5”