Running and Reading: October 31 – November 6, 2016

1) Runners World published a special report titled “Running While Female,” which sheds light on the frequency and type of harassment that women experience while running and includes a survey comparing both mens’ and womens’ experiences with mid-run harassment. Not surprisingly, the results couldn’t be further apart: 43% of women have been harassed mid-run compared to just 4% of men. Social media comments on Runners World’s Facebook account as well as those of Fitness Magazine and New York Daily News indicate that some men have had their eyes truly opened by this report while others continue to blame those being harassed for their own harassment or assault. Continue reading “Running and Reading: October 31 – November 6, 2016”

Race Recap: Race 13.1 Roanoke Half-Marathon

Ever climb up almost 4,000 feet after running 13.1 miles?

After pacing the Coastal Delaware Half-Marathon in April (for which I did not write a review because it didn’t seem fair since I did not run as a paying customer), I decided that I wanted at least one more half-marathon for the spring. I’ve been focusing on building strength and keeping mileage under 20 miles each week, so I needed a way to test whether I was strong enough to start marathon-training. I know I am, but I needed to prove that I am. Coming back from an injury is a major mental mind block and it’s really hard to push past it when you’re finally able to return to running. Even though I had run numerous times and quite successfully, I needed something to show that I was back. Continue reading “Race Recap: Race 13.1 Roanoke Half-Marathon”

Race Recap: Virginia Wine Country Half-Marathon

After having run so many races in such a short amount of time, this was one of those races that I didn’t care about racing, but I also couldn’t let go of wanting to do well either. I think it’s safe to say that I have race fatigue. It’s hard for me to be behind a starting line and not take a race seriously, so running four half-marathons, five 5Ks, and a 10-miler in two months is tiring, especially when I’ve got a knot in my calf that is plaguing me again. I’m partially trying not to make it worse right before marathon training begins and partially trying to maintain a minimum weekly base mileage because, in about two weeks, I’ll start running 25 miles a week at least. So, for this race, I didn’t want to put myself through a hard race that I ultimately didn’t “care” about. But I am willing to admit that it’s time to put racing on hold for awhile. Continue reading “Race Recap: Virginia Wine Country Half-Marathon”

Race Recap: Virginia Beach Shamrock Half-Marathon

Race, Recover, Repeat

Going into a back-to-back race week, my only strategy was focusing on recovery from the New York City Half-Marathon. Two days of walking around Manhattan on top of an ass-kicking half-marathon, my legs were shot. They were sore through Tuesday– which was also the first time I could actually foam roll without cringing. Wednesday, I’d planned to run a slow shake-out run, but the exhaustion of the past weekend, a late night train, and having to run errands typically reserved for weekends after very busy days at the office all caught up to me so I rested and went to bed early.

I also ate a lot of protein— old-fashioned oatmeal with walnuts for breakfast, tuna salad with hemp seeds on wheat for lunch, Greek yogurt and almond butter for snack, chicken for dinner– slept between 8 and 9 hours a night, foam-rolled while watching TV. My first run was Thursday after work, a planned slow 3-miler, but I didn’t dress warm enough and my legs felt ready, so it ended up being a fast 2-mile loop around the Lincoln Reflecting Pool and back up 17th Street to the office. My legs felt loose, my form felt in line, cardiovascularly was a slight struggle at the end of mile 2 but I’d also left very little time to work up to that pace. I was nervous that I’d just wreaked more havoc on my body than it needed only 4 days after a hard race and 3 days before the next one. Continue reading “Race Recap: Virginia Beach Shamrock Half-Marathon”

Race Recap: Richmond Half-Marathon

Going out of town for races has become my version of a mini-vacation. Now that I have my car with me in DC, I have the ability to participate in a bunch of races that I never really had the opportunity to run before. During my carless years, if the race was out of town, my only options were to find friends with cars who were also running the race (cough, mooch, cough) or make a whole huge vacation out of it, like I did with Chicago and the Disney races of 2013. I could have always rented a car to drive to the races, but on top of registration fees, meals, and hotel costs, adding a car rental and insurance expenses on top of it really made for an expensive race that most of the time never even happened. Before I moved away from DC, running the Richmond Marathon was always on my list of races to run, but this was the first time I could actually make it happen. Continue reading “Race Recap: Richmond Half-Marathon”

If Virginia is for Lovers, Count Me In!

Photo Credit: Virginia Tourism Corporation
Photo Credit: Virginia Tourism Corporation

Sandwiched in between marathon weekend in Chicago, Illinois and a work conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, I had a free weekend. Typically, I’m such an introvert that usually I really need two days to recoup after a busy week at work and another upcoming busy week at work to just be alone and do my thing, except maybe with the guy I’m dating or a close friend or the occasional group outing. I don’t make huge weekend plans that often; partially because it seems like I am always training for something so I need one of my two weekend evenings free so I can turn in early and wake up early to conquer the sunrise with a long run of some kind. But I left my office on Friday evening with a stark realization: I had a COMPLETELY free weekend and I didn’t really like it. I didn’t have a long training run planned, I wasn’t flying anywhere, my time was all my own. I might be an introvert or whatever, but two days free of social events spent holed up in my studio apartment without the excuse of a raging blizzard or hurricane to keep me indoors was even too much for me. Besides, I had all winter to hibernate– why start early when this weekend’s weather was expected to be nothing short of beautiful? So, I texted a friend to accompany me on a road trip two hours west of our nation’s capital to a world away: the Appalachian Mountains in the heart of Virginia. Time to check out some leaves. Continue reading “If Virginia is for Lovers, Count Me In!”