Yummy Eats: Banana Spinach Smoothie

It’s not very often that I say that I “swear by” something. I don’t remember who said variety was the spice of life (or I’m just too lazy to Google it), but whoever said it got it right. However, for the past two years, I have been making a smoothie that I (deep breath) swear by: my banana spinach smoothie. Yep. Banana. Spinach. Together. In a refreshing, vitamin and mineral, protein-packed fountain-of-youth-esque medley of clearer skin, stronger hair, faster muscle recovery, consistent [ahem] regularity, better sleep, and sturdier bones. Nicknamed by a less-than-convinced ex-boyfriend the “baby poop smoothie” for its pale green color (something I still find funny), this versatile blend has earned the coveted spot of “never letting you go” in my vast array of daily clean and healthy eats. Continue reading “Yummy Eats: Banana Spinach Smoothie”