Race Recap: Richmond Half-Marathon

Going out of town for races has become my version of a mini-vacation. Now that I have my car with me in DC, I have the ability to participate in a bunch of races that I never really had the opportunity to run before. During my carless years, if the race was out of town, my only options were to find friends with cars who were also running the race (cough, mooch, cough) or make a whole huge vacation out of it, like I did with Chicago and the Disney races of 2013. I could have always rented a car to drive to the races, but on top of registration fees, meals, and hotel costs, adding a car rental and insurance expenses on top of it really made for an expensive race that most of the time never even happened. Before I moved away from DC, running the Richmond Marathon was always on my list of races to run, but this was the first time I could actually make it happen. Continue reading “Race Recap: Richmond Half-Marathon”

Richmond Half-Marathon Training

The subtitle for this post could easily be “Or What I’ve Been Up To Since Chicago.” Following the Chicago Marathon, I took some time off from running. Truthfully, all I wanted was a break from the sometimes unrealistic training expectations that I put on myself when I know I have a big race coming up. I’d basically spent all year in training mode– first for the June 2014 Minneapolis Marathon that I backed out of in April because of burnout and injury that was ultimately cancelled due to severe weather, and then for the October 2014 Chicago Marathon that I started training for in June. Frankly, I wanted to just live how I wanted and not let a training schedule take over my life.

Photo Courtesy: memecentral.com
Photo Courtesy: memecentral.com

None of this means that I wanted to stop running, however. Actually, for the first time in my life as a runner, I am feeling motivated and appreciative for my sport. I feel like I rose to the challenge of running the entire course at Chicago, and I was hungry for more challenges like that. But right now, I only want to rise to the challenge of becoming strong overall so I don’t get injured again. I want to push myself when it gets hard and embrace the pain that comes with getting out of your comfort zone and getting stronger. Continue reading “Richmond Half-Marathon Training”