Yummy Eats: Quinoa

Would YOU trust me with this kitchen??

Sometimes I believe the reason I have not yet become a mom or wife is because I am a dunce in the kitchen. Of course, that was a joke….I’m an awesome cook. 😉 But seriously, I am always trying to come up with meals that accomplish a trifecta of lifestyle goals: keep me within my budget, help me lose or maintain weight, and not bore me to death with those two labels of “cheap” and “healthy.” Usually, I fail at accomplishing all three things.

Last weekend, it was kitchen-palooza in my Arlington high-rise studio apartment. I mean it, I was on my feet cooking for just myself for nearly 4 hours. On my agenda, I was making my own honey wheat bread (trying not to buy overly-salted and sugared processed bread), making a creamy spinach and potato soup for my lunches (I needed a serious detox after a work trip in Las Vegas), cooking and freezing creamy pumpkin pasta for dinners this week (again, cheap but not boring), and baking an apple crumble for dessert (trying to use up the apples I’d bought in Sperryville two weeks prior). It was a crispy and windy fall day in early November, I had autumn-scented candles burning, and my apartment smelled so damn good from all the food. This week is going to be awesome!! I thought to myself.

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