Week Sixteen/Fifteen: Baltimore and Marine Corps Marathon Training

Did Hurricane Joaquin cancel your race this weekend? Sign up for the Annapolis Running Classic! Get 10% off with this code: SABREF15
Did Hurricane Joaquin cancel your race this weekend? Sign up for the Annapolis Running Classic! Get 10% off with this code: SABREF15

Fundraising Update: I’m at 100% of my goal with $600.20 raised for Team TAPS!  Thank you to my very generous donors. You can still make a donation to help the families of our fallen heroes through TAPS’ programs for grief counseling.

Ahhhhh, hello taper week. I know a lot of runners get freaked out by the “T” word, but I don’t. I love tapering time. Perhaps its the subconscious realization that I may never be an ultra-marathoner because running super long distances is, for me, very hard and borderline un-enjoyable, or perhaps it’s more that I know I need to rest and recover and allow myself the rejuvenation that comes with 3 weeks of fewer intense runs and less mileage and getting psyched for a big event that you’ve been preparing for. Think about it– not many big important events in life have a taper time. I certainly never see brides at their calmest the three weeks before their wedding. High schools and universities don’t schedule finals week three weeks before graduation. Marathons practically require tapering, so it’s definitely the best part of training for 26.2 miles. Some runners freak out and get cranky; I don’t. Continue reading “Week Sixteen/Fifteen: Baltimore and Marine Corps Marathon Training”

Week Fourteen/Thirteen: Baltimore and Marine Corps Marathon Training

Photo Credit: Capitol Hill Style
Photo Credit: Capitol Hill Style

Fundraising Update: I’m at 55% of my goal with $330 raised for Team TAPS! Make a donation today and help the families of our nation’s fallen heroes. Last week, at this time, I was at $196 and 32% of my goal. I cannot believe how much that increased in just a week! Thank you to my very generous donors. Check out my post about why I am running for TAPS. I can’t do this without your generosity and support.

Also, my friend Sarah is hosting a Jamberry nail wraps party through September 28– ONE WEEK LEFT!! 10% of proceeds will go towards TAPS. Access the party here, or at tinyurl.com/TAPSJamberry to place an order by September 28!

I ran 35 miles last week. I’m ready to take that into 40 this week. I have a lighter long run to get through; it feels do-able to get over 40 miles done.

My Planned Training Schedule: September 14 – 20

  • Monday: 5 easy pace miles (Goal Pace: 10:37 – 11:00)
  • Tuesday: 9 medium effort miles (Goal Pace: 9:07 – 9:35)
  • Wednesday: Rest
  • Thursday: 8 pace miles (Goal Pace: 9:06)
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: 12 long run miles (Goal Pace: 9:36 – 10:36)
  • Sunday: 6 easy miles (Goal Pace: 9:06)
  • Total Weekly Mileage: 40 miles

Part of setting yourself up for success is identifying potential pitfalls. That’s why Wednesday will be a rest day, unless by some stretch of fate and determination I wake up early enough to get in a decent run. This week’s long run will thankfully only be 12 miles. After having bumped up from 16 to 18 to 20 in the last three weeks, I am due for it. Continue reading “Week Fourteen/Thirteen: Baltimore and Marine Corps Marathon Training”

Race Recap: Leesburg 20K

I didn’t actually plan on running any races from the last of my very busy spring 2015 schedule until the Baltimore Marathon. I had so many races that I was actually kind of burned out on them and I needed a break to focus on training for an even bigger running event. However, with every marathon training plan comes the half-marathon “time test,” so that’s pretty much the only reason I decided to sign up for the Potomac River Runners Leesburg 20K. It was quite providential that it occurred on the same day as my planned half-marathon. Plus, I’m all about experiencing as many races as I can around here, and it was only $45 to enter. Hello? Thank you very much.

My Race Goals

I felt a little conflicted about my goals for this race. The half-marathon is part of marathon training because it’s supposed to be a good way to forecast your marathon performance. My goal time for Baltimore is 4:00, which means I need to run a 9:06 pace. I have definitely done that before or at least come close to it in past races. However, I feel like I am just starting to get “good” at running again and I am nervous that running that fast will hurt me more than help me. That has seemed to happen to marathoners before– something about gunning it on underworked fast twitch muscles. I didn’t want that to happen to me, just for a race I was already going to PR at. Plus, I wonder if paddle-boarding, walking uphill every day, and the Iron Strength Workout can be credited for my good running streak. Regardless, I’m facing a conundrum of how to set my goals. Continue reading “Race Recap: Leesburg 20K”

Race Recap: Virginia Wine Country Half-Marathon

After having run so many races in such a short amount of time, this was one of those races that I didn’t care about racing, but I also couldn’t let go of wanting to do well either. I think it’s safe to say that I have race fatigue. It’s hard for me to be behind a starting line and not take a race seriously, so running four half-marathons, five 5Ks, and a 10-miler in two months is tiring, especially when I’ve got a knot in my calf that is plaguing me again. I’m partially trying not to make it worse right before marathon training begins and partially trying to maintain a minimum weekly base mileage because, in about two weeks, I’ll start running 25 miles a week at least. So, for this race, I didn’t want to put myself through a hard race that I ultimately didn’t “care” about. But I am willing to admit that it’s time to put racing on hold for awhile. Continue reading “Race Recap: Virginia Wine Country Half-Marathon”