Taking a Break From Running


I have a confession: with the exception of a treadmill 3-miler turned 1.5-miler when I realized that my very sunny gym was over 70 degrees and I was getting dizzy, I haven’t run for almost 3 weeks. My last marathon was 3 weeks ago, and it was an exhausting one. It was also at the pinnacle of a very exhausting year– not to mention I was training during the holiday season and in bitter cold winter temps that I haven’t been exposed to in five years. Overall, I think my emotions were split all over the place. It’s not that I’m a basket case– running is as mental and emotional as it is physical, and I just couldn’t focus on running when I’d have rather been still and quiet to absorb the shock from a  crazy year without trying to cover things up with a Band-Aid 5-miler. I needed to hear myself think without counting cadences or monitoring my breathing. Continue reading “Taking a Break From Running”