Fueling Up for Long Runs and Workouts

Photo Credit: LoveThisPic.com

I often get the question from both fellow runners and curious encouragers, “How do you get through all of that training?” As in, what do you eat to get through it. While I can’t lie that I sometimes eat like a 12-year-old (I’m known for my love of Pop Tarts as pre-long run breakfast because they digest easy and are a quick source of fuel, but regardless not a healthy choice), I try to eat healthy so that I can recover from hard runs faster. Sure, it’s great in theory to be able to eat “whatever you want because you’ll just run it off,” but the fact is, you can’t do that because your body needs nutrients to repair itself from all the work you do. One time, after a long weekend training run, all I wanted was a big fat salad. You know things have gotten pretty bad in Diet Town when you crave salad after a long run. Continue reading “Fueling Up for Long Runs and Workouts”

Yummy Eats: Salted Blueberry and Walnut Dark Chocolate Bark

Double chocolate cupcake on the roof last Thursday. Because whatever!

After two weeks on the new job in DC, I realized I had a huge problem: I was eating out waaaaay too often. Every day, I was leaving the office between 12 and 1 to scout the local salad, sandwich, and pasta/pizza scene for something cheap and healthy to eat. My selections ranged from clam chowder on a rainy, gloomy day to a lobster salad with wheat berries, spinach, and onions (I could not resist…) to a shrimp and avocado salad with a double chocolate cupcake for dessert. It wasn’t always healthy or cheap. But things still felt kind of unfamiliar to me at the office and with my new routine, so I felt like I needed the flexibility of “where should I go to grab something?” instead of being the new girl who eats weird things. Luckily, after one of my new colleagues suggested all the girls in the office have lunch on the rooftop this past Friday afternoon to which she brought a very healthy lunch of fresh berries in vanilla yogurt and a super earthy power salad in real dishware and not Tupperware, I finally felt safe enough to let my own freak flag fly. So, I am back to making my own lunches.

One thing I always need as part of my lunch is a sweet tooth fix. Finding something that is chocolate-y and healthy can sometimes be a challenge. If you make a chocolate baked good, you have to have all the other ingredients that make up the baked good. Dark chocolate is obviously the healthy choice, but if it’s too dark, it’s like eating tar. Hot chocolate and chocolate milk are other options, but more often than not, they are too sugary or processed to be a healthy alternative.  Enter chocolate bark. Continue reading “Yummy Eats: Salted Blueberry and Walnut Dark Chocolate Bark”

Yummy Eats: Black Bean Cremini Mushroom Soup

Unless you’ve been living under a rock somewhere in the South Pacific for the past month (lucky), you know that everyone in America has been battling polar vortexes, Arctic wind chills,  and snowstorms. Today, half the country is literally under some kind of wind chill advisory, and this morning when I left for work, the wind chill was -21. It’s winter y’all, and we’ve just gotta get through it. And when it’s this cold outside, it’s the best time of year for a nice, comforting hot meal. Right? Continue reading “Yummy Eats: Black Bean Cremini Mushroom Soup”