The Non-Runner’s Guide to Celebrating With Someone Who Runs

Fall racing season is well underway, if not at least halfway over by now, so, whether you are an avid runner or not, the chances that you know someone who has run a race this year might be pretty high. Recently, a colleague of mine asked me for some advice on what to get for her roommate who had just finished her first marathon. Naturally, her roommate had trained very long and hard, and my colleague wanted to do something special for her, having witnessed firsthand the grueling schedule and emotions that come with marathon-training. Giving a gift to someone who finished a race was something that hadn’t totally occurred to me, and I didn’t quite know how to answer her. Celebrating a marathon finish was never really something I did or expected from the people in my life. Nor was it, to be honest, something I celebrated when other people ran races. Continue reading “The Non-Runner’s Guide to Celebrating With Someone Who Runs”