Yummy Eats: Creamy Roasted Carrot and Pumpkin Soup

Right before leaving DC for Nebraska for the Christmas holiday, I made a sweeping inventory of my fridge to toss anything that might go bad during the week I’d be gone. I threw out some bottom-of-the-tub Greek yogurt, a nearly empty jar of strawberry jam that I didn’t use up during my rediscovered PB&J phase, and a couple of fruits and vegetables.

What is it about fruits and vegetables that make them the first things we grab at the grocery store and the last things we reach for when we’re at home? The night before I left, I “didn’t have anything to eat” so I went out for Chipotle, gave up on the 5-mile line, and decided on a low-key crackers and hummus dinner instead. One of the items I had tossed earlier that evening was a bag of baby carrots. Um, hello? Baby carrots and hummus? Perfect. Yet I “wasn’t up for it” and instead threw out probably $.75 worth of perfect carrots and opted for a $2.50 box of cracked pepper Triscuits instead. I’m not a penny-pincher or money hawk, but that was $3.25 I’d basically just wasted. Put it that way, that kind of cash can add up! Not to mention, I ate twice as many calories for probably not much nutritional value by opting for the Triscuits, which coincidentally were so rich that I could only eat a few with half the hummus that expired while I was away, so I lost probably another $1.25 on a half-eaten tub of expired hummus. It just makes me wonder through what other cracks my money was disappearing. Continue reading “Yummy Eats: Creamy Roasted Carrot and Pumpkin Soup”