Running and Reading: October 24 – 30, 2016

Two years ago, I posted a weekly reader of posts around the blogosphere and in the news that I thought were particularly interesting to me. Some of it had to do with running; some of it was just life in general. I have missed doing that because I read a lot of really cool articles, or at least I save them on Facebook or pin them to Pinterest enough to feel like I shouldn’t keep them all to myself.

So, it’s back! Every Thursday, I’ll start posting some of the things I am reading each week. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it!

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1) It’s Marine Corps Marathon week here in our nation’s capital! Be sure you have everything you need to know about start times and course changes or check out Run Washington’s spectator guide if you plan to watch. My tip: Let Mile 12 really soak in and make sure to have your camera selfie-ready when you get medaled by a Marine. Continue reading “Running and Reading: October 24 – 30, 2016”

2014, It’s Been Real. 2015, Brace Yourself…

2014 Fairfax Four MilerFollowing a long week at home in Nebraska with the family for Christmas, I got back to Washington, DC to a lifeless studio apartment where everything was exactly how I had left it rushing out the door at 5AM for a 6:25AM flight just a week earlier. The air was cool and stale from lacking any energy and activity for 7 days. It was nice to be back in my own space in DC, but my heart was as heavy as my exactly 50-pound suitcase that hours earlier I’d managed to escape paying Southwest Airline’s $75 overweight fee by tossing my toiletries in an airport bathroom and stuffing my hair dryer in my carry-on (my big, black monstrosity was 4 pounds overweight). Unlike what I had going on in my head and heart, however, I left my baggage at the front door and promptly unloaded it. Dirty laundry here, hanging up my clearance trophies there– a little black dress I know will fit once I lose my food baby belly, blue salt and pepper leggings that make schlepping around the house look like too much effort, some running shirts that I was already mentally planning to wear for upcoming races. I tried to ignore what was bothering me, but it lingered ruthlessly. And there was nothing much I could do about it except deal with it.

When I have a heavy heart or a bad day, the first thing I ask myself is what do I feel like doing? Continue reading “2014, It’s Been Real. 2015, Brace Yourself…”