Trying Out Orange Theory Fitness

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I got cabin fever…and the only prescription is getting the eff out of the house!

2016 has gotten off to a pretty dull start for me. With the exception of running the Dopey Challenge the first weekend of the year, I spent the rest of January indoors coping with a two-week long bout with the flu (which hurt far worse than any marathon I have ever run) and then Washington, DC got hit with a massive snowstorm that buried us under 2+ feet of snow. Both of these events lined up in sequence, which meant that I literally only left my house twice in eight days: once to go get my flu diagnosis and a strict order to sleep from the doctor (I wasn’t even allowed to crochet) and the other time to stock up on storm supplies. Hauling a case of water up to your apartment when you are sick and achy is a real bitch, by the way. 

Honestly, though, I was sort of okay with my mini-house arrest. The past few months have taken a lot of energy from me in dealing with personal and work life and not having my usual outlet of exercise to relieve stress. I sort of took the double whammy of the flu and blizzard as God’s way of forcing me to slow down. 

Fast forward three weeks to President’s Day weekend when I am not sick anymore; however, right now, we are all forced to stay indoors as the air outside is literally colder than my freezer and the winds are nearing 50+ mph gusts. I don’t even want to leave my apartment to get groceries, which is more of my personal affront to dealing with the annoyance of polar winds in your face than the cold itself. I will never understand God’s creation of wind.

Another three days indoors. Suffice it to say that I have some very serious cabin fever. I needed to try something new. Continue reading “Trying Out Orange Theory Fitness”

Race Recap: Pacers Crystal City 5K Fridays

Like most races I sign up for, I didn’t actually intend to register for the Crystal City neighborhood of Arlington, Virginia’s most exciting month of the year event in running: the Pacers Crystal City 5K Fridays that happen every Friday in April. I’ve run this race course before, once in 2011 on the third Friday of that April, and I usually don’t run races that I have already run before simply because there are so many out there to experience. The only exception is if I really love the race, then yes, I would run it again.

Crystal City 5K Fridays course with laps
Crystal City 5K Fridays course with laps

And I don’t particularly looooove this race, except that it’s great for shaking off winter race cobwebs. It’s right after work on a Friday which makes it really hard to get to, plus I am trying to start practicing consistency ahead of training for the 2015 Baltimore Marathon which will include Fridays as my designated rest day, so having to push that back to run 3.1 miles for another month was slightly annoying to me. Why did I register? Because my friend Kristine, one of my longest friends out here with whom I bonded over my failed attempt at the training for the 2010 Philadelphia Triathlon when I was part of Team in Training, was just coming back from an injury and needed to get out there and get back on the running horse. Plus, I wasn’t in DC in 2014 and I can’t lie that a random chat message from her last year telling me she wished I was there to run the course with her sort of stuck with me. But once I hit “register” on the Pacer’s website and forked over my $60 to run four 5Ks, I felt excited that I’d have this to look forward to every week in April. Continue reading “Race Recap: Pacers Crystal City 5K Fridays”