Fueling Up for Long Runs and Workouts

Photo Credit: LoveThisPic.com

I often get the question from both fellow runners and curious encouragers, “How do you get through all of that training?” As in, what do you eat to get through it. While I can’t lie that I sometimes eat like a 12-year-old (I’m known for my love of Pop Tarts as pre-long run breakfast because they digest easy and are a quick source of fuel, but regardless not a healthy choice), I try to eat healthy so that I can recover from hard runs faster. Sure, it’s great in theory to be able to eat “whatever you want because you’ll just run it off,” but the fact is, you can’t do that because your body needs nutrients to repair itself from all the work you do. One time, after a long weekend training run, all I wanted was a big fat salad. You know things have gotten pretty bad in Diet Town when you crave salad after a long run. Continue reading “Fueling Up for Long Runs and Workouts”