Yummy Eats: Bacon Pineapple Kebabs

So, I haven’t posted a “Yummy Eats” post in awhile because, to be honest, I’ve been way too lazy to cook anything worth writing about or even try anything new. However, over the Fourth of July weekend, I talked my mom into letting me make an appetizer instead of “just” bringing the wine. This not only stoked my cooking ego but it helped alleviate my mom’s self-concocted fear that no one was going to help bring anything for our family dinner (to which I responded, “Mother, four of your six children are near or over 30. I think we can continue¬†contributing to family holiday dinners!”) Continue reading “Yummy Eats: Bacon Pineapple Kebabs”

Yummy Eats: Hazelnut Butter

“Clean eating” seems to be the diet fad catch-phrase these days, and while I’m not completely sure what it means, from what I understand from my fragmented, over-stimulated Internet browsing research, it basically means that you try to eat things that are as close to natural form as possible. No processed foods. Anything store-bought has to have ingredients that are pronounce-able and as close to form as possible. From here, various factions of dieters can take the concept in such directions as vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, Paleo, etc. but the fundamental theme seems to be the intent to reduce intake of chemical or natural food additives that may be harmful to some degree. May I take a sidebar to note that I’m not a nutritionist, nor anything close to a medical professional who knows the ins-and-outs of the generalized “clean eating” trend? I’m simply a blogger whose personal tendencies are to gather as much information as possible about the food I eat in order to decide what works best for me.

Anyway, personally, I try to abide by this still-evolving concept of clean eating and try to only select foods that, if I can’t make it for myself, have as few ingredients as possible— like,¬†just because I moved back to Nebraska doesn’t mean I’m about to start making my own Greek yogurt, puh-lease. One example is peanut butter. I go through about a jar of peanut butter in a week. Okay, maybe like 4-5 days. Is that bad? I don’t know. All I know is, it’s freaking amazing with green apple slices that I used to replace my usual toasted whole wheat English muffin at breakfast. I either choose Smucker’s Natural Peanut Butter or Trader Joe’s Creamy Unsalted Peanut Butter, both of which only use peanuts as the main ingredient. However, sometimes it occurs to me that I could probably make my own nut butter if I wanted to and right now, due to a recent hazelnut impulse buy at Trader Joe’s and the fact that Santa for once paid attention to my Christmas list and left a food processor under my tree (my first one ever owned), I decided that it might actually be worth a try to make my own hazelnut butter in the name of all things clean eating. Why not, right?

Wish you could smell how wonderful roasted hazelnuts are…

Here’s what I did: Continue reading “Yummy Eats: Hazelnut Butter”