New York Strong: It’s Marathon Week!

IT'S RACE WEEK!!!!!!! Photo Credit:
IT’S RACE WEEK!!!!!!! Photo Credit:

It’s here. Race week. In the words of Janice…

By this time next week, I’ll have run the New York City Marathon. I’ll have a second World Marathon Majors medal hanging on my wall. I can’t believe it is THIS WEEKEND. Continue reading “New York Strong: It’s Marathon Week!”

Three Weeks to the New York City Marathon

This song has been in my head nonstop lately. Photo Credit: Huffington Post
This song has been in my head nonstop lately. Photo Credit: Huffington Post

In less than three weeks, I will have run my 9th marathon and probably one of the greatest road races on planet Earth. As I write this, I have completed over 350 miles of training just in the last 16 weeks. I have spent over $3,000 in physical therapy insurance claims to fix some funky hip issue that refuses to quit. I have earned a 10K personal record, ran with 11 other women from the timberline of Mount Hood to Seaside, Oregon, and I ran two half-marathons within 24 hours of each other. I’ve missed out on social events in the name of sleeping and training. I’ve weathered heartache and the stress of trying to be a responsible adult, choosing to run when I don’t think I can or even want to do it. I continue to doubt and overcome, dream and disbelieve, rest and grow weary, try and try again. I’m ready for this race to move me, inspire me, and be something I look back on as a great day to have been alive.

But I’m also totally nervous about how to prepare for this race. Logistically speaking. Continue reading “Three Weeks to the New York City Marathon”

Fall 2016 Race Training Goals

June is the runner’s unofficial start month for fall marathon training. Usually every June starts with an abrupt wake-up call when the first 80+ degree day hits and I begrudgingly realize that sleeping in is no longer an option if I want to escape the heat and also that 16-18-20 weeks comes quickly. While my training for the New York City Marathon (omg!) doesn’t technically start until the first week of July, I’m already sort of looking ahead to what I want out of training this year.

While I’m never truly out of training– I feel like I always have something on my plate that keeps me on the trails– my approach to running is sort of like turning 30. Continue reading “Fall 2016 Race Training Goals”