Running and Reading: December 12 – 18, 2016

1) It can be really hard to find creative ways to exercise that not only challenge your body, but keep you interested. But I feel like this partnered bicycle move from Fitness Magazine would likely result in someone getting killed. Especially if it was my twin sister and me trying it. Continue reading “Running and Reading: December 12 – 18, 2016”

Race Recap: Islamorada Half-Marathon

Sometimes, you really just need to get away.

I probably wouldn’t have taken this trip if Beast Pacing didn’t send out a call asking for pacers for the Islamorada Half-Marathon. First of all, I didn’t know about it. I’ve really only heard of Islamorada (which I found out is not pronounced eee-lamorada with a Spanish “I” but is pronounced with the long “I”) from seeing it advertised in post-holiday season winter get-away commercials and from the Netflix show Bloodline. Second, I’ve almost gotten to the point where I don’t know how to plan a vacation that doesn’t have a race in there somewhere, including a vacation to just get away. Sometimes you need a reason to get the things done. Continue reading “Race Recap: Islamorada Half-Marathon”

Race Recap: Rehoboth Seashore Half-Marathon

Photo Credit: Rehoboth Beach Running Company
Photo Credit: Rehoboth Beach Running Company
The Rehoboth Seashore Marathon and Half-Marathon has been on my race wish list for quite a while. I’ve never run it because I always have a big city marathon on deck for the past several years– Chicago in 2014, Baltimore in 2015, and New York City in 2016. Quite honestly, after this weekend, I’m wondering why I waited so long to run this race. Continue reading “Race Recap: Rehoboth Seashore Half-Marathon”

6 DC-Area Turkey Trots To Consider Running This Thanksgiving

I’m just going to say this because I know I’m not the only one out there thinking it: How on earth did Thanksgiving 2016 get here so fast!?!?! Maybe it’s the unseasonable warmth that has blanketed 2016 in complacency or perhaps we’ve all been a little too disconnected from reality thanks to a blistering Presidential campaign and (for some) election. Whatever the reason, we are very much overdue for a day of gratitude and giving thanks. Continue reading “6 DC-Area Turkey Trots To Consider Running This Thanksgiving”

Three Weeks to the New York City Marathon

This song has been in my head nonstop lately. Photo Credit: Huffington Post
This song has been in my head nonstop lately. Photo Credit: Huffington Post

In less than three weeks, I will have run my 9th marathon and probably one of the greatest road races on planet Earth. As I write this, I have completed over 350 miles of training just in the last 16 weeks. I have spent over $3,000 in physical therapy insurance claims to fix some funky hip issue that refuses to quit. I have earned a 10K personal record, ran with 11 other women from the timberline of Mount Hood to Seaside, Oregon, and I ran two half-marathons within 24 hours of each other. I’ve missed out on social events in the name of sleeping and training. I’ve weathered heartache and the stress of trying to be a responsible adult, choosing to run when I don’t think I can or even want to do it. I continue to doubt and overcome, dream and disbelieve, rest and grow weary, try and try again. I’m ready for this race to move me, inspire me, and be something I look back on as a great day to have been alive.

But I’m also totally nervous about how to prepare for this race. Logistically speaking. Continue reading “Three Weeks to the New York City Marathon”

Race Recap: Race 13.1 Roanoke Half-Marathon

Ever climb up almost 4,000 feet after running 13.1 miles?

After pacing the Coastal Delaware Half-Marathon in April (for which I did not write a review because it didn’t seem fair since I did not run as a paying customer), I decided that I wanted at least one more half-marathon for the spring. I’ve been focusing on building strength and keeping mileage under 20 miles each week, so I needed a way to test whether I was strong enough to start marathon-training. I know I am, but I needed to prove that I am. Coming back from an injury is a major mental mind block and it’s really hard to push past it when you’re finally able to return to running. Even though I had run numerous times and quite successfully, I needed something to show that I was back. Continue reading “Race Recap: Race 13.1 Roanoke Half-Marathon”

Race Recap: Reston 10-Miler

Photo Credit: Potomac River Running

This is one of those races that I miss registering for every year. As in, I always forget about it. I was so mad last year when I logged into social media to see fellow DC runners with their post-race selfies, not only because the medal was pretty with a lovely aqua ribbon, but because I had a 10-mile training run for the 2015 New York City Half-Marathon that day anyway. It’s always a bonus to get a medal for a race that is also a training run!

After managing an injury and focusing on strength-training for the last 4 months, I wasn’t quite ready to get back into the racing mindset. I admit that last year, I ran too many races. I didn’t realize that it’s easy to get burned out on running too many races, but it is. And it’s expensive. What I love about this race is that it’s not terribly pricey– less than $50. It also doesn’t have a huge race atmosphere: it felt more like a community fun run than anything else. Continue reading “Race Recap: Reston 10-Miler”

You Find a New Dream

Captured a PR in the 2015 Baltimore Marathon
Captured a PR in the 2015 Baltimore Marathon

I’ve really been struggling with finding the right words to say to recap my experiences at the 2015 Baltimore and Marine Corps Marathons. Usually, after a race, I like to write my most honest opinion about the race itself. What was the expo like? The swag? The atmosphere? The course? I intend to write those posts, because frankly both races are absolutely worth their while and deserve a review, but I trained for both of these races together so it’s hard to separate the emotions I have about them. The only other time I felt even a fraction of how I feel now is after finishing the 2013 Walt Disney World Marathon– my second one– as part of the Goofy Challenge because I literally had no idea that I could do it. This is different because instead of leaving it to chance, I actually worked for it. As in, I trained instead of following a training plan that I hoped would work on race day. I’ve always worked hard in training, but I found out there is a difference between owning your training and being owned by your training. Continue reading “You Find a New Dream”

Race Recap: Leesburg 20K

I didn’t actually plan on running any races from the last of my very busy spring 2015 schedule until the Baltimore Marathon. I had so many races that I was actually kind of burned out on them and I needed a break to focus on training for an even bigger running event. However, with every marathon training plan comes the half-marathon “time test,” so that’s pretty much the only reason I decided to sign up for the Potomac River Runners Leesburg 20K. It was quite providential that it occurred on the same day as my planned half-marathon. Plus, I’m all about experiencing as many races as I can around here, and it was only $45 to enter. Hello? Thank you very much.

My Race Goals

I felt a little conflicted about my goals for this race. The half-marathon is part of marathon training because it’s supposed to be a good way to forecast your marathon performance. My goal time for Baltimore is 4:00, which means I need to run a 9:06 pace. I have definitely done that before or at least come close to it in past races. However, I feel like I am just starting to get “good” at running again and I am nervous that running that fast will hurt me more than help me. That has seemed to happen to marathoners before– something about gunning it on underworked fast twitch muscles. I didn’t want that to happen to me, just for a race I was already going to PR at. Plus, I wonder if paddle-boarding, walking uphill every day, and the Iron Strength Workout can be credited for my good running streak. Regardless, I’m facing a conundrum of how to set my goals. Continue reading “Race Recap: Leesburg 20K”