Building a Race Schedule That Won’t Burn You Out

A couple of years back, in 2015, my race schedule was jam-packed. I ran 14 races total for the year: 4 half-marathons, 5 5Ks, 2 10-milers, a 20K, and 2 marathons. There was a couple of reasons why I got so involved in running all those races. The year earlier, in 2014, I only ran 5 races total because at the time, I didn’t live in a place where there were races in cute little towns or around tourist sites almost every weekend, and certainly only a couple of them I considered to be “bucket list races.” Once I moved back to DC, starting in 2015, I was almost always at a race because I was working a job that allowed me the means to register for more than a few here or there, plus I’d been making some strides in my running (ha ha) and I wanted to put myself to the test. Continue reading “Building a Race Schedule That Won’t Burn You Out”