Running and Reading: December 12 – 18, 2016

1) It can be really hard to find creative ways to exercise that not only challenge your body, but keep you interested. But I feel like this partnered bicycle move from Fitness Magazine would likely result in someone getting killed. Especially if it was my twin sister and me trying it.

2) Nike recently announced that it’s planning to go for a sub-2:00 marathon with 3 of the world’s best distance runners attempting to make the cut. The details of its “Breaking2” program have yet to be released, and will likely be covered in future Runners World magazine issues. Until then, the rest of us can just hang out trying to imagine what the 4:41 per mile pace needed to obtain a 1:59:59 marathon feels like.

3) I don’t like talking about mine or other women’s time of the month. Sorry sistahs, I empathize, but I just don’t want to know. But there has been a lot of absurdity surrounding the essentials women rely on once a month, things like baseless “luxury taxes” and the fact that women in poverty cannot afford them, so it makes posting this eye-opening article from Buzzfeed worth talking about it.

4) I love holiday crafts! They’re perfect for work parties or for volunteering events, or just when you’re bored and need something to perk up a quiet weekend watching movies. This totally adorable sock snowman craft is a great idea that I may just have to try!

5) Since I have a tiny studio apartment, I am starting to appreciate minimalism, purposeful decorating, and keeping only the things I use frequently. And it feels really really great to purge! If you’re looking to start your 2017 off with a slimmer closet and fewer belongings, here’s a great list of “60 Things To Toss In the Next 60 Days.”

6) This is an incredibly troubling time for American politics, if for no other reason than the hacking by Russian groups that has led to hundreds of thousands of emails once considered private correspondence between top officials and influencers being released to the public. And it’s probably going to get scarier from here, which is why this lengthy read from the New York Times is 100% worth its time. Excuse me, I’m gonna go change every single password now.

7) Ever wonder why it is protocol to stand when “The Hallelujah Chorus” is played as part of Handel’s Messiah? Here’s an interesting read on the backstory. I’m hoping to finally go see it performed at the Kennedy Center this Christmas season.

8) Every year, I somehow miss the opportunity to lay Christmas wreaths at headstones in Arlington National Cemetery, a travesty considering it is within a mile of where I live. Wreaths Across America, the organization that adorns the final resting places of those who gave the last full and great measure with wreaths, is looking for many more volunteers to help with this significant but important task this coming Saturday. Sign up, get the info you need, or just show up!

9) Every year, I bring home a Virginia Ham for my family’s Christmas dinner, which sounds totally like I’ve got it together in life. If you’ve never tried it, it’s just an outstanding flavor like you’ll never have. I order mine from Edwards Virginia Ham in Surry, Virginia and a petite ham is a cost-effective option that has enough for a family of 8.

10) Looking for a delicious cocktail to serve up at Christmas time? I’m checking out this Salted Caramel White Russian for a small holiday gathering, the s’mores-like North Pole for a weekend-before-Christmas holiday movie marathon, this Sparkling Fig and Honey cocktail for the office party, this boozy Peppermint Milkshake for gift exchange with the girls, or this apple-spiced Christmas Gin and Tonic for date night. Or all of them for no other reason at all than its Christmas!

2 thoughts on “Running and Reading: December 12 – 18, 2016

  1. My goal for next year is a sub 2:30 half marathon so I CAN’T EVEN imagine what running a sub 2 marathon would feel like! (And probably never will in my lifetime!)

    Thanks for sharing all of these great articles to read!

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