Running and Reading: November 28 – December 4, 2016

First run-commute of the winter off-season! ❄️

1) Here’s something no one ever told you about being a grown-up: you will have days of endless nothing, where you will feel like you are drowning in your own apathy, irresponsibility, negligence, and exhaustion, but you will also have no idea what to do first, second, or next. “To Anyone Who Thinks They Are Falling Behind In Life” is a freeing reminder that timing really is the key to success.

2) While I don’t necessarily agree with the premise of the article, that “nothing really matters,” this article from Buzzfeed, which puts us in our place in the universe, is purely inconceivable. If you want to read something that will literally blow your mind, this has to be that article.

3) The show How I Met Your Mother is one of my most favorite shows in existence because it frequently goes “there.” It’s as real-life as it gets with its characters experiencing the death of a parent, seeing the love of your life marry someone else, being the one looking for The One in a sea of couples yet refusing to settle, fertility problems, credit card and money issues, adapting to parenthood, being open to love. I love it so much that it would be my desert island item. 

4) I’m going to stay out of physical therapy in 2017 if it’s the last thing I ever do. On Saturday, I tried this 3-move glutes circuit from PopSugar and I felt all of it for days afterward. Super easy to tack onto the end of an easy, off-season training run.

5) Even if you’re not looking for a job, learning how to build rapport with someone in the first few seconds of meeting them is often the key to the next step in any kind of personal or business relationship. It’s something I am personally practicing a lot more. This Wall Street Journal article is an excellent guide to making those first few moments more human and ultimately more memorable when meeting someone new in a professional or formal setting.

6) Now that it’s the off-season, I’m starting to run-commute. It’s one of the biggest blessings of living so close to work, so I want to take full advantage this winter! I may come out with my own tips to run-commuting later, but here’s a great place to start for now if you’re also considering running as a commute.

7) Last year, I made these Soft Eggnog Sugar Cookies and they were divine. If you’re looking for a great recipe to bring to the office party, this is a must. If you want to tone down the egg nog flavor (which I don’t understand except that I know a lot of people don’t care for the taste), simply remove the rum extract from the recipe.

8) And speaking of divine recipes, this is me begging Starbucks to please bring that Baked Apple Pie latte and Frappucino back home where it belongs!! I’m not totally sure I understand why a coffee drink that is based on a quintessentially American dessert isn’t home with its family. And why we are stuck with pumpkin spice everything instead.

9) Growing up in the Midwest, the only lights people put out at Christmas were on their houses. I was delighted–and still am!–to learn that Alexandria, Virginia has an annual boat parade. If I am home in time from running the Rehoboth Beach Half-Marathon that morning, I will absolutely be there and you should also make a go of it, too!

10) To this day, Amy Grant’s rendition of “Tennessee Christmas” (which my mom listened to on repeat) vividly reminds me of childhood Christmases in northern Maine where my dad was stationed with the Air Force. Listening to that song in the car on the way to Target, I started crying at the thought of those whose homes were destroyed in the fires near Gatlinsburg so close to Christmas. I’m sending my deepest prayers for comfort and joy to them and looking out for ways to help give them their tender Tennessee Christmas. 

4 thoughts on “Running and Reading: November 28 – December 4, 2016

      1. For a sec, I thought you were pacing the marathon and I was thinking, “Holy sh!t! How fast is she????” LOL. My friend Shan is pacing the 3:40 marathon group. I’ll try to swing by. 🙂

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