Running and Reading: October 24 – 30, 2016

Two years ago, I posted a weekly reader of posts around the blogosphere and in the news that I thought were particularly interesting to me. Some of it had to do with running; some of it was just life in general. I have missed doing that because I read a lot of really cool articles, or at least I save them on Facebook or pin them to Pinterest enough to feel like I shouldn’t keep them all to myself.

So, it’s back! Every Thursday, I’ll start posting some of the things I am reading each week. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it!

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1) It’s Marine Corps Marathon week here in our nation’s capital! Be sure you have everything you need to know about start times and course changes or check out Run Washington’s spectator guide if you plan to watch. My tip: Let Mile 12 really soak in and make sure to have your camera selfie-ready when you get medaled by a Marine.

2) My fall marathon is in a week and a half, but it’s not too early to begin thinking about what’s next! Winter is one of my favorite seasons as a runner because it’s time to focus on rebuilding essential core, glute, and hip strength lost during marathon training. Run to the Finish’s Winter Maintenance Guide shows you how to build a training plan that incorporates cross-training and strength-building, all in pursuit of capturing a spring PR.

3) Lately, I’ve been trying to cut back on expenses in anticipation of the holiday gift-buying, party-hopping, cross-country travel season. Commence the “Eating Healthy at Home and On a Budget” Challenge. Luckily, eating eggs doesn’t feel like such a challenge when you know how to properly scramble them! 

4) In a world where people seem to have it all together thanks to the lies and illusions of social media, it’s easy to overlook someone who struggles with high-functioning depression. Think about that the next time you call your cranky colleague a “bitch.” Chances are, she is struggling with something you can’t understand. #alwaysbekind

5) Just when I was starting to wonder whatever happened to Reebok, out they come with a “body appreciation” campaign that, as Run Far Girl articulates impeccably, misses the mark. It’s a bit contradictory to use the tag “Perfect Never” to promote the power of imperfect while casting a supermodel who has been retouched, refinished, and mass-marketed (if not here, then definitely elsewhere) as having the ideal female body type. As if we all didn’t spend our formative years surrounded by commercialized demonstrations of how we “should” look; now, as grown women, we have supermodels telling us how to be “real” and tough. Ugh.

6) This week, Oiselle had free 3-day shipping ahead of the NYC Marathon. If you missed it and don’t mind waiting the 7-10 business days for free standard shipping, this Wazzie Wool Side Zip in Deep Rose ($108) is gorgeous. I’m also hiding my debit card from this basic but impossibly cozy Lux Raglan Long Sleeve in Heather Rhubarb  ($74) and its older sister, the Lux Tech Hoodie in Heather Midnight ($88).

7) I have proudly lived in Arlington, Virginia since 2008, so I don’t have a strong opinion either way as to D.C. becoming a state. However, since I work in DC, I do have strong opinions about what it is named, and so does Washington State who last week dished some shade at the possibility of D.C. being named the “State of Washington, D.C.” Unlike our sports teams (luvya, Nats), this is a fight the folks at DC’s NPR station WAMU know how to win for us.

8) Do you know a girl in high school or college who runs cross-country, enjoys writing and photography, and is generally much cooler than I was at her age? Let her know about the Women’s Running Magazine XC Ambassador Search. The deadline to apply for this super cool, totally bad-ass, and unique (paid) experience that will make any college application or resume glisten is November 1, 2016.

9) I usually scroll past articles in my newsfeed that have to do with motherhood or the whole “mother runner, fit mom” sub-genre of social media identity groups. However, this article from Self about pregnant fitness star Brittany Yobe‘s entire Instagram account being shut down over a “sexually suggestive” post instantly annoyed me. I have to ask Instagram what it was smoking because, not only is there nothing sexually suggestive about this post (especially when a scroll of any random hashtag reveals a plethora of actually sexually suggestive posts), but the punishment doesn’t fit the “crime,” especially if you read her description of the “offending” post.

10) Most runners have a split life. On social media, it looks like we run the day and have a truckload of friends while, in real life, we are professionals with our own separate world of office culture, drama, gossip, and antics. This adorable and so accurate depiction of the modern office friendship from the New York Times has me wondering which person I am at work (I have 3 guesses).

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