My new favorite running trail
My new favorite running trail

I haven’t been on my blog as much as I have wanted to lately for a variety of reasons; chief among them that I am not currently training for anything yet. Well, not officially anyway– officially being defined as me having sat down in front of a 20-row Word spreadsheet copying and pasting one of Hal Higdon’s or the Hanson brother’s training plans into the rows, planning out the next 18 weeks of my life, sitting back in my chair staring at it and wondering if I was going to be in over my head.

In addition, life and all of its weirdness has thrown me another major life curve ball that has definitely shaken the ground under my feet, so my priorities have taken a mandatory shift. I’m all over the place now. But it’s a good thing.

Usually, this is the part when I might talk about how much running has gotten me through the ups and downs, but I admit that I have really been taking my time with getting back into running. I think I’m still on the fringes of burnout from jumping right into training for Minneapolis right after running my 4th marathon in December 2013. Moreover, the idea of getting out there and running slow paces with heavy legs is something I just can’t stomach. I don’t enjoy running at 10:00-11:00 paces– I do not accept that as my new normal and it’s discouraging as hell. I used to be able to run 8:30-9:00 paces like it was nothing and I was just getting down under 8:30 and inching closer to the pace I needed to be at to qualify for Boston when running that fast suddenly became difficult for me. I haven’t figured out a way to overcome it yet. I admit that I am trying too hard.

I'm really getting into swimming these days. Will definitely keep this as part of my training for Chicago 2014
I’m really getting into swimming these days. Will definitely keep this as part of my training for Chicago 2014

At the suggestion of a recent Bank of America Chicago Marathon Participant email, I’ve decided to try a 16-week marathon training plan using the Nike Plus Running app. I’m nervous about this because I have always done an 18-week plan, so I don’t know if I can trust training for only 16 weeks. Then again, training for too long might be my problem. I’m willing to try anything to make running fun again and running fast was fun. I love surprising myself with my ability, so when I run slow paces, I’m not impressed and it feels like a lie, especially because I was literally RIGHT THERE with accomplishing great paces and then, for no apparent reason, I started running slower.

Getting plenty of rest before starting training.
Getting plenty of rest before starting training.

In the meantime, I’ve been able to find joy in swimming and adding walking to the 2-3 miles that I run along the dirt country road near my apartment. Yoga has been immensely helpful, too. And so has rest.

I’ll be back again soon with some more updates. Training is just around the corner, and I will get there in due time.





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